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Solcrete Contractors Epoxy floor coating for Garage/ Automotive showrooms

The automotive industry increasingly opts for epoxy and stained concrete flooring systems. The benefits, both in cost and functionality, of epoxy flooring for auto industry facilities are immediately recognizable.
Epoxy flooring systems, in particular, are tough wearing, durable floor solutions with a life cycle of 25 years or more. Superior bonded strength makes epoxy flooring ideal for the automotive industry. Epoxy coatings repel liquids, oils, and grease while withstanding frequent traffic from vehicles without stain or scuff. Whether it’s a showroom or a garage, your floors will withstand heavy vehicle traffic. Do note, while stained concrete is a good aesthetic for showrooms, auto repair shops benefit more from installing epoxy flooring which repels stains and moisture completely (stained concrete is not impenetrable by oils and liquid even if covered with a protective coating).
For automotive showrooms, epoxy resin coatings impart a deeper luxury appearance than other flooring material due to their simplicity and sheen. In fact, you often see them in luxury dealerships like McLaren, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla, as well as Honda and Toyota. Ambiance and pristine decor have a correlative impact on sales in an automotive showroom.

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